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13075 Manchester Road Suite 250 St. Louis, MO 63131


Stacey Bealke

Property Accountant
tel: 314-880-0435

Bonnie Bishop

Accounting Assistant
tel: 314-880-0434

Laura Boren

Marketing Director - Commercial
tel: 314-802-0819

Steve Brown

President & CEO
tel: 314.621.1414

Phillip Caldwell

Senior Property Accountant
tel: 314-802-0810

Mike Donovan

Chief Operating Officer
tel: 314-802-0821

Ken Eveker

Corporate Accounting Manager
tel: 314-802-0811

Tom Fakonas

Human Resources Manager
tel: 314.802.0816

Fred Grossman

Chief Financial Officer
tel: 314-802-0817

Melba Guzman

Staff Accountant
tel: 314-802-0805

Pam Hinds

Senior Vice President - Commercial Brokerage
tel: 314-802-0803

Michael Holland

tel: 618-520-9443

Mike Hurley

Vice President - Commercial Brokerage
tel: 314-880-0427

Tim Lawlor

Vice President - Commercial Brokerage
tel: 314-880-0424

Ellen Mannion

Vice President - Commercial Brokerage
tel: 314.880.0426

Sarah Metzler

Marketing Director - Residential
tel: 314-880-0433

Shelly Miller

Client Relations Coordinator
tel: 314-802-0815

Tammy Miller

Accounts Payable
tel: 314-802-0812

Laura Pellegrini

Property Accountant
tel: 314-802-0818

Rene Pellerin

Staff Accountant
tel: 314-802-0808

TJ Redmond

Director of Capital Markets
tel: 314.880.0436

Guy Todd

General Accounting Manager
tel: 314-802-0804