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We leverage our extensive local market knowledge (40 plus years) and national resources on behalf of our clients. By aggressively taking advantage of market conditions, our client’s reduce the risk that all corporations take when they make long or short term space commitments.

From new leases to renewals, expansions, subleases or renegotiations, Balke Brown Transwestern will become an extension of your company at no expense to your firm.

Our Tenant Representation Services include:

  • In-depth market analysis
  • Tour targeted properties
  • Submit detailed request for proposal to qualified list of buildings
  • Create detailed financial analysis comparing RFP responses
  • Submit detailed Letter of Intent
  • Coordinate lease negotiations to ensure all legal risks are minimized
  • Move management/construction management

Balke Brown Transwestern’s strong acquisition experience and experience in creating joint ventures/partnerships provides our tenant representation clients unique ownership alternatives to consider.

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Although occupancy is only one aspect of our listing assignment, it is typically the most critical component in creating value for our building owners.

Our value creation strategies are based on our local market knowledge and strict local focus, while leveraging our national network and resources. In the St. Louis market, the vast majority of leasing activity is generated from tenants that currently occupy space in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Understanding who those tenants are, when their lease expires, who the local decision makers are, and what their unique space requirements are, are all critical pieces of information to successfully complete lease transactions.

Our Value Creation Services include:

Advise on strategic positioning and pricing
Creation of comprehensive marketing strategies and tools
Use our database and local market knowledge to target and contact potential tenants
Generate qualified showings leading to proposals and leases
Build strong relationships with existing tenants to ensure retention

Land Acquisition

Acquisition & Disposition

Our successful track record of purchasing and developing raw land directly benefits our clients in the acquisition and disposition of land.

With the numerous municipalities in St. Louis, purchasing and entitling land can be complex. Issues including zoning, ordinances, utilities, right-of-ways, traffic counts, etc. all play a part in the value and marketability of a piece of property. Few St. Louis based firms (if any) have successfully navigated through and created as much value as Balke Brown Associates. Understanding what a site can eventually become and then either communicating or executing on that vision is what we do best.

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