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1101 Eastport (Sanford Brown)

1101 Eastport (Sanford Brown)


Balke Brown Transwestern was selected to help Sanford Brown College relocate their campus from Granite City, IL, to Collinsville, IL. This $3.6 million project was the first major development in the Eastport Plaza area. Before Sanford Brown closed, this building served 700 students.

The tilt-up construction gained architectural interest from a slanted roofline design, corner curtain wall detailing and aluminum accents. It is located on six acres of land with outstanding visibility and access from Interstate 55/70 and Interstate 255.

BBTW developed the building through an open-book process that allowed Sanford Brown to have more control over their lease rates. Pre-established rates of return determined the maximum price for the project, which then established the rates.

This open book-process also made the building experience less stressful for Sanford Brown. BBTW was responsible for assembling a highly-qualified team of professionals to respond to the owner’s needs without requiring them to participate in architectural planning, a full bidding process or lengthy lease negotiations.

1101 Eastport is repurposed and is now a multi-tenant office building.


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